Rotational Molded Boss-Kart™

Now available in 96 & 65 gallon models.
Large Capacity for Efficient Route Service
The "Boss-Kart"™ is one of the strongest, rotationally-molded carts available for automated and semi-automated waste handling. With both a 96-gallon and the new, mid-size 65 gallon models, Boss-Kart fit a full range of collection programs. Pleated sidewalls give the Boss-Kart exceptional vertical strength. The pleat panels also allow the sidewall to recover quickly from the squeeze of fully automated collection systems. The Boss-Kart handles full loads with ease. The broad base gives the cart stability in high wind and contains extra heavy scuff-rails for durability and abrasion resistance.
A deep-ribbed dome gives the lid added strength, allows over-packing, and quickly deflects rain. Lids are molded as one piece with a special locking nub that makes permanent installation a simple two-step process requiring no special tools or fittings.
Boss-Kart features:
  • Capacity: 96 or 65 gallons (container only)
  • Container Body: Rotationally-molded for rugged durability
  • Lid: Ribbed, domed design for strength, water deflection
  • Use Instructions: Easy-to-read, molded-in multi-lingual instructions
  • Ergonomic Handles: Molded as part of container body
  • Reinforced Lift Points: Design distributes weight evenly during lift cycle
  • Textured Surface: Non-slip, non-marring surface for automated lift systems
  • Aerodynamic Shape: Body design enhances stability and strength in high wind environments
  • Latchbar: 1" tubular steel supported by double wall construction
  • Latchbar Pocket: Extra deep recess for easy, secure hook-up with semi-automated lift systems
  • Foot tilt: Easy access to axle for maximum leverage and utility
  • Wheels: HDPE Snap-On style 65 Gallon 10" diameter  96 Gallon 12" diameter
  • Axles: ¾" O.D. zinc plated
  • Load Rating: 65 Gallon 230 lbs. 96 Gallon 335 lbs.
  • Scuff Rails: Molded-in base for added durability
  • Top Rim/Lip: Engineered for rigidity and strength. Seals odors in, and moisture and insects out
  • Hot Stamp ID Area: Large, hot stamp areas for serial number or logo ID


Dimensions 96 Gallon 65 Gallon
Height: 46" 41"
Width: 29" 28"
Depth: 36" 33"
Shipping Weight 42 lbs. 34 lbs.

To order or inquire about Boss-Kart™ Waste Handling Products, please call 1-800-533-2475.
Leasing Option Available - Contact Us For Details.